The image below demonstrates how ozone destroys odour by oxidation. Ozone reacts with a foreign odour to change is composition so it is no longer the same odour. A new molecule is formed but this new molecule is typically less odorous that the original one.



Odour Destruction with ozone is one of the best uses for ozone in the market today. Millions of people enjoy odour free homes and apartments due to the safe use of ozone!

More Odour = More O3 Required

When ozone makes contact with the odour molecule, the odour is destroyed, but so is the ozone molecule. Stronger odours mean more odour molecules present - therefore more ozone is also needed.

Ozone Readily Destroys the Following Odours:

  • smoke odour
  • pet odour
  • urine odour
  • cooking odours (including Indian food / curry smells)
  • musty odours
  • faecal odours

Ozone will not mask odours - It destroys them!