Mattress Manage System – (MMS)

  • Steri-Bed offers a unique mattress management system.
  • Mattresses are assets and needs to be managed.
  • Each mattress is tagged with a unique QR sticker.
  • Data is collected on the mattress (e.g. age, cleanliness, position, responsibility)
  • You will be provided with a database of your assets (mattresses)
  • The QR on the mattress can be scanned with a smartphones to retrieve sterilization detail.

Steri-bed MMS


  • Each mattress that is sterilized is tagged with an iron-on silk sticker on the bottom right hand corner of the mattress.
  • Each sticker is printed with a unique QR (quick response) barcode.
  • If the sticker is removed, it distorts and cannot be used again.
  • Data is collected on the mattress with the AssetZure program with your Smartphone.
  • Data to be collected:
    • Owner
    • Position
    • Age
    • Cleanliness
    • Services rendered
    • Date of service
    • Photo of mattress
  • Data is uploaded to the AssetZure database.
  • Data is exported to Excel and sent to the customer.